Think Twice | Modern Gorilla Statue with Gold Face

Modern Gorilla Statue with Gold Face

Rodin’s sculpture entitled The Thinker depicted a man lost in thought, but whose sculpted body suggested a great aptitude for action. This gold faced gorilla has nothing to do with Rodin’s but now you’re also lost in thought.

This modern gorilla statue features a shiny gold face.

15 in wide x 19 in tall x 11 in deep


Future Fashion | Pair of Basket Woven Terra Cotta Lamps

Pair of Basket Woven Terra Cotta Lamps

In a hundred years from now, what objects will museum curators select to represent our society as a whole? An iPhone? A plastic water bottle? A pair of skinny jeans from H & M? Hopefully, there is a curator in the future who gives those with impeccable taste a head nod instead of just using gallery space to shame prior fast fashion lovers.

This pair of 1980 “basket woven” terra cotta lamps belong in a Natural History Museum in the future.

20 in tall x 14 in wide x 10 in deep

$295 pair

Clarity of Thought | Vintage Regency Turquoise Chenille Settee

Vintage Regency Turquoise Chenille Settee

The color turquoise promotes communication and clarity of thought. In addition, it creates emotional balance and stability. So the next time you need to hash it out with a loved one, make sure you’re both parked on this beauty.

This vintage regency settee features a turquoise chenille upholstery.

60 in wide x 33 in deep x 28 in tall


Little Chicks | Leather Hacienda-style Love Seat

Leather Hacienda-style Love Seat

Only once you’re done feeding the chickens and plowing the field, can you finally put your feet up and relax. And by chickens I mean children and by field I mean to-do list.

This leather hacienda-style love seat features large tack detailing.

40 in deep x 65 in wide x 34 in tall


Serious Storage | Unique Six Drawer Dresser

Unique Six Drawer Dresser

Even if you decide to fill these drawers with your colorful socks and Tweety Bird pajamas, your reputation won’t be tarnished. From the outside, your adulting status will be 100%.

This unique six drawer dresser features a rope trim from Bali and glass top.

 58 in wide x 34 in tall x 21 in deep