Nostalgic Sick Days | Classic 90s Sofa by Drexel Heritage

Classic 90s Sofa by Drexel Heritage

Staying home sick from school in the 90s meant slurping on a can of Campbell’s soup, watching Wheel of Fortune and reading choose your own adventure books in between napping. Ah, the good old days.

This classic 90s sofa by Drexel Heritage features oversized corduroy and sits on a platform base. 

84 in long x 31 in tall x 40 in deep x 18 in seat height


Parisian Penthouse | 1980s Custom Made Channel Back Sofa

1980s Custom Made Channel Back Sofa

If you looked at this photo and immediately thought of eating a buttery croissant on the balcony of a Parisian penthouse, you’re probably hungry. Feed yourself and come back when your blood sugar returns to normal.

This 1980s custom made channel back sofa was scalloped to perfection.

 94 in long x 44 in deep x 30 in tall 


Snake Charmer | Oversized Serpentine Sofa

Oversized Serpentine Sofa

The power to possess a venomous snake is nothing compared to getting the interior of your apartment just right; a blend of inspiration and relaxation.

This very special oversized serpentine sofa was custom made and features an inviting 80s modern design, a soft chenille upholstery and three separate pieces. The modular sofa is not only aesthetically impressive, but also extremely comfortable. 

Two of the pieces are 64 long

One is 68 long

Height is 32 inch. 


Wind Down | 1980s Modern-style Leather Sofa

1980s Modern-style Leather Sofa

Though you and your husband enjoy different wind down activites in the evening, online poker for him and romance novel reading for you, you can both agree on where you'll do said activites, snuggled up on the comfy sofa.  

This 1980s modern-style leather sofa was crafted with a full grain cowhide upholstery.

36 in deep x 82 in long x 30 in tall


Nothing Comfier Than Mohair | Custom Made Club Sofa

Custom Made Club Sofa

Buttery softness, creamy deliciousness, and melt in your hand realness. It doesn't get much comfier than mohair.

New at Casa Victoria this custom made club sofa features a caramel mohair fabric, a low back, and square arms. 

98 in long x 42 in deep x 34 in tall x 18 in seat height


Stretch It Out | 1970s Modern Sectional with Full Size Sleeper Sofa

1970s Modern Sectional with Full Size Sleeper

You can love your family and also not want to touch limbs during movie night. This couch has plenty of space for everyone to comfortably stretch out. 

This 1970s modern sectional features a full-size sleeper sofa and a bohemian flax fabric. Sofa can be configured in a number of ways depending on the layout of your space.  

108 in wide x 110 in deep x 30 in tall x seat depth of 35 in x seat height of 17 in


Embrace Yourself | 1930s Curved Floral Sofa

1930s Curved Floral Sofa

Taking a seat doesn't always feel like a warm hug from an old friend, but when a down cushion and curved frame are involved, it's almost guaranteed. 

This classic 1930s sofa features a curved back and oversized floral print with down cushion. It’s the perfect size for a master bedroom or small living room. 

72 in long x 34 in deep x 30 in tall x 18 in seat height


On a Mission | Classic Mission-style Sofa

Classic Mission-style Sofa

Growing up in the Southwest was bittersweet. Though you still miss the smell of the earth after the monsoons, you don't miss the blistering heat of the summer. 

This classic mission style sofa features a wooden frame and Southwestern upholstery. 

33 in tall x 37 in deep x 87 in long 


Doggy Pileup | Contemporary Sectional Sofa by Rapport International

Contemporary Sectional Sofa by Rapport International

People are great and all, but sometimes you just need to be alone with your dogs snuggled up around you. And by sometimes, you mean "most of the time".

This contemporary sectional sofa by Rapport International was crafted in 1990.

10 in wide x 8 feet deep


Dirt Trap | Classic Camel Back Sofa

Classic Camel Back Sofa

We totally understand if you would rather keep this sofa safely tucked away in your home office instead of exposing it to the following risks; dirty toddler hands, red wine spillage, and Golden Doodle dander. 

This classic camel back sofa would be great in your new office.

84 in long x 32 in deep x 35 in tall


Comfortable Contact | Leather Sofa by Hickory-Frye

Leather Sofa by Hickory-Frye

Ever see a sofa and think "wow, that looks nice, but extremely uncomfortable." Not is this sofa pleasing to the eye, you'll likely never get up once you finally make contact.

This classic style leather sofa by Hickory-Frye of North Carolina features rounded arms and fully upholstered feet.

88 in wide x 34 in tall x 36 in deep


A Well Tailored Life | Victoire Sofa by Donghia

Victoire Sofa by Donghia

It's no surprise that Donghia's tagline is "Live a Well Tailored Life". Combine clean lines, classic silhouettes, and satisfying pallettes, and you've got an artful collection that has no choice but to stand out against the rest.

Handcrafted in Chicago, this classic sofa was upholstered in two tone silk and linen and features a romantic shape. Buy this "Victoire" Sofa directly from Donghia, and you'll shell out around $9000 (and that doesn't include the fabric).

 104 in wide x 39 1/2 in deep x 34 in tall

Sale Price $995

Sensitivity, Rigor, Dedication | 1980s Modernist-style Leather Sofa by Brianform

1980s Modernist-style Leather Sofa by Brianform

Brianform has been crafting high-quality leather sofas since the late 80s. For nearly 30 years, they have adequately maintained stringent standards whether they are acquiring raw materials or overseeing the production cycle. If you're on the hunt for a leather sofa, you can't get much better than Brainform.

This 1980's modernist-style leather sofa was handcrafted in Italy by Brianform. Sofa features a sleek and tailored design and the finest quality leather. 

76 in wide x 33 in deep x 27 in tall


SOLD | Desert Bones | Mission-style Oak Sofa

Mission-style Oak Sofa

No matter where in the world the wind takes you, your Southwestern roots will always ground you in body and mind. Occasionally your desert bones quietly crave an afternoon monsoon to provide relief from the most brutal of summer days or a clear night's sky illuminated by thousands of twinkling stars. 

This vintage mission-style sofa features an oak frame with a beautiful southwest-style fabric.

87 in long x 37 in deep x 32 in tall


Red Wine and Dine | Leather "Savannah" Sofa

Leather Savannah Sofa

You don't see anything wrong with wearing all black. Not only is it is slimming, and never goes out of style, but you don't ever have to worry about dribbling a few drops of red wine. No one is ever going to know. Now, apply this philosophy to your sofa...

This vintage "Savannah" sofa is made of full grain cowhide and features rounded arms and hand tacked detailing.

33 in tall x 36in deep x 84 in long


Hail the Queen | 1950s French-style Sofa

1950s French-style Sofa

Just like the clothes you wear, your home's furnishings should represent the image you wish to project to the world. If you think you are the queen, then, by all means, your home should reflect that!

This 1950's French-style sofa features a carved wood frame, buttoned back detailing and an ivory velvet upholstery.

80 in long x 34 deep x 36 in tall


Worry Not | Classic-style Sofa by Ethan Allen Co.

Classic-style Sofa by Ethan Allen Co.

Things will go a certain way until they don't. Things will improve unless they won't. There is no point in worrying about the things you cannot control. So how about taking a load off instead? 

This classic-style sofa by Ethan Allen Co features a full skirt. 

35 in tall x 36 in deep x 76 in wide


Comfortably Curled | Classic 1970s Low Back Sofa

Classic 1970s Low Back Sofa

Binge watching Netflix shouldn't require a limb amputation. You should be able to curl up comfortably with your significant other without having to sacrifice any of your adorable appendages.

This classic 1970's low back sofa was crafted from full-grain cowhide.

80 in long x 36 in deep x 30 in tall