Mob Boss | 1950s French-style Leather Club Chair

1950s French-style Leather Club Chair

If smoking cigars isn’t exactly your favorite pastime, then you might not want to buy this chair. It’s likely you’re mob boss alter ego is going to take over when you sink down into it.  

This French-style leather club chair was handcrafted in 1950 and features rounded arms, a compact size, and a thin, arched back. 

31 in wide x 33 in deep x 33 in tall 


Relaxation Technique | Pair of Custom Made 1980s Leather Club Chairs

Pair of Custom Made 1980s Leather Club Chairs

Whatever the reason you decide to plop down in a cloud of leather comfort, what happens next will likely go something like this; sits down, feels relaxed immediately, contemplates taking shoes off, takes shoes off, curls one foot under, curls the other foot under, slowly drifts to sleep.

This pair of custom made 1980's leather club chairs by Shafer Brothers of Orange County features sloped and rounded arms and fully upholstered feet.

28 in tall x 42 in wide x 32 in deep


Comfortable Contact | Leather Sofa by Hickory-Frye

Leather Sofa by Hickory-Frye

Ever see a sofa and think "wow, that looks nice, but extremely uncomfortable." Not is this sofa pleasing to the eye, you'll likely never get up once you finally make contact.

This classic style leather sofa by Hickory-Frye of North Carolina features rounded arms and fully upholstered feet.

88 in wide x 34 in tall x 36 in deep


Sweet Desire | Pair of Pink 1980s Full Upholstered Club Chairs

Pair of 1980s Fully Upholstered Club Chairs

Is it just me, or is everyone attracted to anything even closely resembling a delectable dessert? Petit fours, pastries, and pie, OH MY! Have your cake, and eat it too, all whilst sitting on a pretty in pink cotton candy cloud.

This pair of 1980s fully upholstered club chairs features rounded arms.

30 in tall x 32 in wide x 26 in deep x 18 in seat height


Red Wine and Dine | Leather "Savannah" Sofa

Leather Savannah Sofa

You don't see anything wrong with wearing all black. Not only is it is slimming, and never goes out of style, but you don't ever have to worry about dribbling a few drops of red wine. No one is ever going to know. Now, apply this philosophy to your sofa...

This vintage "Savannah" sofa is made of full grain cowhide and features rounded arms and hand tacked detailing.

33 in tall x 36in deep x 84 in long