Thank You For Being a Friend | Pair of Classic La Jolla Night Stands

Pair of Classic La Jolla Night Stands

Didn’t Blanche have these night stands on The Golden Girls? Just think of the stories they would tell…

This pair of classic La Jolla night stands was beautifully handcrafted with cane and reed trim and features two large drawers with bamboo medallions on the front. 

32 in wide x 22 in deep x 22 in tall


Big Kids | Mid-century Dresser by American of Martinsville

Mid-century Dresser by American of Martinsville

Though you’re a kid at heart who still frequents Disneyland and indulges in gummy fruit snacks on the reg, you take your home decorating very seriously. Even big kids need time out.

This mid-century dresser by American of Martinsville comes with its original mirror and features nine drawers and original brass hardware.

70 in long x 20 in deep x 32 in tall


Orchard Overload | Vintage Fruitwood Nightstands

Vintage Fruitwood Nightstands

Fruitwood is, you guess it, any wood from a fruit tree. More specifically, it’s the woody growth of the scion of any grafted fruit tree above the graft. By contrast, the rootstock is the part of the plant below the graft.

Each of these vintage fruitwood nightstands features three drawers and a pull out table.

16 in deep x 26 in wide x 26 1/2 in tall


The Beauty of Stress | Pair of Mid-century Night Stands

Pair of Mid-century Night Stands

Ever heard the term “burl wood”? Though it sounds like a type of tree, it’s not. A burl is actually an external growth that can form on any tree undergoing stress such as an injury or fungal infection. If the tree's growth hormones are disrupted it will produce a large dark burl (or bump) on the outside. Once cut open, however, an array of colorful looking lumps and swirls will appear.

Each of these mid-century night stands features a burl wood trim and two drawers.

 21 in wide x 21 in tall x 16 in deep 

$395/ pair

Ratifying Documents | 1930s New England Style Desk

1930s New England Style Desk

Signing contracts, ratifying documents, and co-founding companies requires integrity of mind and space. This desk takes care of the latter. 

This 1930s New England style desk features a pull out extension and two drawers. Desk would also make a great kitchen table. 

45 1/2 in long x 25 1/2 in deep x 30 in tall 


Folk-heart Tales | 1941 Matching European Folk Art Dressers

1941 Matching European Folk Art Dressers

Shabby chic may not everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure butters your biscuit. Pay homage to your country roots with a but of sugar and spice and everything nice. 

These 1941 His & Hers matching dressers were painted with a European folk art style in mind. Signed and dated by the artist, Jane Sylva, each chest features four drawers and an original laminate top. 

6 in deep x 42 in wide x 35 in tall

Inner Bombshell | French-style 11 Drawer Chest by National Furniture Co.

French-style 11 Drawer Chest by National Furniture Co.

Shopping sustainable brands or vintage whenever possible not only reduces your overall carbon footprint, but it allows you the opportunity to get in touch with your inner bombshell.

This French-style 11-drawer chest was handcrafted by National Furniture Co. in North Carolina.  (and is sustainable…because it’s vintage!)

72 in long x 34 in tall x 19 in deep


Family Dinner | Tall Vintage Hutch c. 1900

Tall Vintage Hutch c. 1900

Though a few things have changed since the 1900s, such as being able to order dinner from the tiny glowing screen in your pocket and then having it delivered to your front door, the concept of eating together as a family certainly hasn’t.

This tall vintage hutch c. 1900 features adjustable shelves behind beveled glass doors, two drawers, cabinet space and intricate carvings on the front. Hutch is the perfect parking spot for books, fine china or other trinket storage.

85 in tall x 42 in wide x 19 in deep 


Secret Recipe | Pair of Vintage Asian Style Night Stands

Pair of Vintage Asian Style Night Stands

If you like furniture with character than you’ll certainly love this pair. They look like they contain the secret recipes of all of your ancient ancestors combined.

This pair of vintage night stands features a Asian-style motif as well as cabinet and drawer space.

25 in wide x 12 in deep x 21 in tall


Coast to Coaster | Rosewood Night Stands

Rosewood Night Stands

If this phrase "and this is why we can't have nice things" is a popular one in your household, then I suggest you invest in a nice set of coasters right now. You're going to be a sad Sally, if this dynamic duo gets damaged.

Each of these night stands features a drawer, a lower shelf, and a rosewood finish.

23 in wide x 20 in tall x 16 in deep.


Botanicals Are Back | Vintage Hand Painted Chest by Stanley Furniture

Vintage Hand Painted Chest

I said it once, and I will say it again. Botanicals are back in the best way…and here to stay.

This vintage hand painted chest by Stanley Furniture features cabinet space and three drawers. 

36 in wide x 51 in tall x 17 in deep


Piles of Stuff | Pair of Ivory Night Stands

Pair of Ivory Night Stands

Your partner is no longer allowed to leave piles of stuff lying around the house. As an alternative, he's allowed to keep whatever his heart desires in the drawers of the night stand next to his side of the bed.

Each of these ivory night stands were custom made in 1979 and features a brass trim, two drawers, and a platform base. 

24 in wide x 18 in deep x 28 in tall


Pioneering Spirit | 1973 Campaign-style Chest by Bernhardt Furniture

1973 Campaign Style Chest by Bernhardt

Bernhardt Furniture, a family owned business, has been "creating quality furniture with a deep commitment to people and relationships" for more than 125 years. The pioneering spirit of the company still resonates within every Bernhardt piece.

This campaign style chest by Bernhardt was crafted in 1973.

18 in deep x 56 in wide x 30 in tall