Serious Storage | Unique Six Drawer Dresser

Unique Six Drawer Dresser

Even if you decide to fill these drawers with your colorful socks and Tweety Bird pajamas, your reputation won’t be tarnished. From the outside, your adulting status will be 100%.

This unique six drawer dresser features a rope trim from Bali and glass top.

 58 in wide x 34 in tall x 21 in deep


Folk-heart Tales | 1941 Matching European Folk Art Dressers

1941 Matching European Folk Art Dressers

Shabby chic may not everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure butters your biscuit. Pay homage to your country roots with a but of sugar and spice and everything nice. 

These 1941 His & Hers matching dressers were painted with a European folk art style in mind. Signed and dated by the artist, Jane Sylva, each chest features four drawers and an original laminate top. 

6 in deep x 42 in wide x 35 in tall

The Secret Garden | Vintage Lingerie Chest

Vintage Lingerie Chest

No one has to know that your vintage wicker lingerie chest is actually full of novelty socks and granny panties. Your secret’s safe with us.

This vintage lingerie chest made of wicker is the perfect resting place for your delicate undergarments. 

22 in wide x 20 in deep x 50 in tall


History Repeating | 1940s Williamsburg Highboy Chest Reproduction by Kittinger

1940s Williamsburg Highboy Chest Reproduction by Kittinger

This very rare, colonial Williamsburg highboy chest reproduction was handcrafted by Kittinger in Buffalo NY. Since the 1920s, Kittinger was the sole licensee to produce furniture based on historic Williamsburg designs. 

This chest is a replica of a 1735 piece in the Williamsburg collection. Made in the 1940s, this chest features graduating drawer sizes, original brass hardware and comes in two pieces for easy transport. Chest is signed on the back.

72 in tall x 40 1/2 in wide x 21 1/2 in deep


Enough is Not Enough | Classic 1980s Cerused Oak Dresser by Jay Spectre

1980s Jay Spectre Dresser

Just like Oreos, batteries, and toilet paper, you can never have enough storage or closet space. May your cup runneth over (and that you have plenty of paper towels to sop it up with afterward.)

This classic 1980’s cerused oak dresser by Jay Spectre for Century Furniture features seven drawers, unusual aluminum banding, and platform base. Comes with original mirror.

$1295 set

Why Not? | 1960's "Esperanto" chest by DREXEL

1960's "Encanto" chest by DREXEL

Buy that sparkly cocktail dress even if you don’t have an occasion to wear it….yet. Take more relaxing bubble baths, check the news less. Toast more, count calories less. Live your best life...because why not?

This 1960's "Esperanto" chest by DREXEL features nine drawers, two removable valet trays and original brass hardware.

70 in wide x 32 in tall x 19 in deep


SOLD | Sink or Swim | 1970s Lacquered Campaign Chest by Henredon

1970s Lacquered Campaign Chest by Henredon

If your apartment has low ceilings, it probably feel like you're trapped on a small boat in the middle of the ocean. Don't drown! To give yourself more breathing room, make sure all the furniture sits low to the ground (ex. platform bed, tuxedo sofa, and this chest instead of a tallboy dresser.) 

This 1970's lacquered campaign chest by Henredon features two drawers.

19 in deep x 32 in wide x 22 in 1/2 tall


Baggage Claim | Vintage Greek Key Dresser by Thomasville

Vintage Greek Key Dresser by Thomasville

Touching down on safe ground after weeks of being away from home is one of the best feelings, (second, of course, to seeing your smiling family at baggage claim.)

This vintage dresser by Thomasville was crafted in 1964 and features a Greek key design and brass trim. Would also function as a credenza in the office.

74 in long x 20 in deep x 33 in tall


Simplify Your Surroundings | 1970s Highboy Chest by Bassett Furniture

1970s Highboy Chest by Bassett Furniture

You have enough complexity in your life; does this have gluten? can I cancel the contract if I am unsatisfied with the service? is this navy blue or black? is the dress code normal casual or smart casual? Simplify your surroundings. 

This vintage highboy chest by Bassett Furniture was crafted in 1970. 

34 in wide x 18 in deep x 44 in tall


Calm and Inspired | 1970s Newport Beach Dresser

1970s Newport Beach Dresser

You like your furniture to be fresh and airy like a balmy summer night. The salty breeze eagerly dances through your living room by way of your sprawling windows while the sound of crashing waves lurching from the sea below, makes you feel both calm and insipired. 

This 1970s Newport Beach dresser was carefully constructed with bamboo and wicker.

18 in deep x 60 in wide x 30 in tall


Traditional Brutalism | Mid-century Dresser with Unique Hardware

Mid-century Dresser

Who says that home decor has to be so serious? It can be fun to mix and match different styles to suit your multiple moods. Sometimes you fancy traditionalism while other times you prefer brutalism. 

This mid-century dresser features unique metal drawer pulls.

58 in wide x 20 in deep x 33 in tall


Pioneering Spirit | 1973 Campaign-style Chest by Bernhardt Furniture

1973 Campaign Style Chest by Bernhardt

Bernhardt Furniture, a family owned business, has been "creating quality furniture with a deep commitment to people and relationships" for more than 125 years. The pioneering spirit of the company still resonates within every Bernhardt piece.

This campaign style chest by Bernhardt was crafted in 1973.

18 in deep x 56 in wide x 30 in tall